Composer and vocalist,  Susanna Ridler is working at the gateway between  jazz, electronic,
improvised music, art music and literature.

Her consistend and individual way, continually searching for new musical ways of expression,
in compositions as well as performer on stage, using a variety of existing possibilities – including computer and electronic devices –  plus exploring the  improvisational possibilities  of a vocalist.  Thereby  overstepping stylistic musical boarders aswell as  the conventional use of her voice. She combines popular and avantgarde.






Susanna Ridler studied acting in Vienna, music and vocals in Maastricht, Amsterdam & Los Angeles (Outstanding Student Award 1998, Musician’s Institute, Hollywood)

Los Angeles: Ridler’s Acapella-Trio “Treasure” wins second place at the Annual Harmony Sweepstakes A Cappella Festival in California, performing one of her own compositions

– Ridler returns to Vienna and decides to make the computer a key element throughout her composing process
– Vocals and speaker for the role of Bachmann in “Kassandra, Bachmann – Life During Wartime”; k.l.a.s (music by Peter Herbert, Claudia Oberleitner, director), Heunburg
– “West’s & Zobernigg’s Zweifel”, Vocals and spoken word to the music of Michael Mautner; MUMOK museum Vienna, shot by Austrian Public Television (ORF)

Since 2002
– commissions for theater and music for radio dramas
2005: radio drama “Neuland” produced by Austrian Public Radio
2008: Staatstheater Mainz: Torquato Tasso
2009: Theater am Lend, Graz: premier of Ewald Plametshofer’s “Sauschneiden” (Pig Cutting)

– Remix of Gershwin’s Summertime titled “Summertime, this is now” under the pseudonym “Tristan” released by Universal Music Austria
– Working as voiceover artist

– Founding of the Electronic-Jazz-Pop project [koe:r] and the record lable “Electroland Records Vienna”
– Performance and composition for the exhibition opening night for “Verrückte Liebe” (Crazy Love) at the Bank Austria Kunstforum Vienna, as well as for the Jürgen Schiefer exhibition at Künstlerhaus Vienna

[koe:r] releases its debut album featuring a-list jazz musicians Peter Herbert, Wolfgang Puschnig, Thomas Gansch, Helmut Jasbar and Rainer Deixler
[koe:r]’s version of Jobim’s “Corcovado” is released as a track on the Stereo Deluxe Compilation “Brazilution – Winter Edition”
[koe:r] performs live at Donau-Festival Ulm and Jazzfest Passau
release of a [koe:r] Remix EP containing remixes by Iwolf, Uwe Walkner, Brenda, Conny Dix and Ridler. Brenda’s Remix gets airplay on the popular youth radio station FM4

– [koe:r] continues to perform live and starts working on a second album
– composition of a piece commissioned for the premier of Ewald Palmetshofer’s “Sauschneiden” (schon wieder? siehe oben), includes a live performance and the spoken role “She”, directed by Dieter Boyer, Graz/Austria

2010 – 2011
– studio recording and production of the second [koe:r] album “Susystems”
– singer and co-author for the song “Kiss Her in the Stomack”, released on the album “Seven Echoes” by Kava & Christopher (Fabrique Records)

Release of “Susystems”, [koe:r]’s second album, with Peter Herbert (bass), Florian Kmet (e-guitar), Alexander Lackner (e-bass), Gerald Preinfalk (bass clarinett)and Wolfgang Puschnig (saxophone)
music video for the album track “Navigation System Crash” by Fritz Fitzke

Rolling Stone Magazin: [koe:r] “Susystems”, by all means,
is leading us straight into the realm where strokes of genius reside. ****


since 2012

After finishing the Tour of her  Jazz/Elektronic-Project [koe:r] “Susystems”
 (CD: 2008 [koe:r] /2012 „Susystems“), Ridler started 2014 – inspired by  a commissioned composition for  Carinthischer Sommer – working with literature by the austrian writer Gert Jonke. 

Ridler got 2016  the exceptional invitation by Gert-Jonke-Gesellschaft, to work and write music to unpublished texts of Gert Jonke. 
Out of this unique textfragments Ridler wrote compositions for Jazz trio, chamber ensemble and solo voice:
1. “Chlorophyllklangpulverstaub  
oder: die Erforschung des  botanischen  Tongewebes”

Chambermusic for Oboe/Engl.Horn,  Clarinett, Bassoon, Horn, 2 Violins, Cello, Viola, Voice & Elektronik.  Time: 30 minutes.
2. “Sternenstaubhimmelwärts”,
a „Speech.Music.Sound-Installation“
Commissioned by Gert Jonke Gesellschaft / Gert Jonke -Preis-Verleihung 2017
3. “Geometrie der Seele”, for Jazz Trio – Peter Herbert, Doubleness &  Wolfgang Puschnig, Saxophon/Flute, S.Ridler,  Voice/Loops/Electronics)
Texts und composed material will spontanously be interpretated through a  free improvised “trialog“ ,  polished and  transformed  through  elektronic  soundspheres.
Premiere @ Literaturfest Salzburg @ Jazzit 18th.May.2017

Out of these compositions, she performed together with outstanding austrian artist Wolfgang Puschnig ( alto Saxophon/Flute)   the opening of BACHMANN PREIS @ ORF Studio Klagenfurt/
5th of  July 2017.